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John Herbert PlaggeAge: 66 years19191985

John Herbert Plagge
Name suffix
Birth February 19, 1919

Death November 20, 1985 (Age 66 years)

B# page item 66 34 Plagge Herb, Selma, Herb jr, Doris B# page item 66 45 Plagge. Herb jr. Doris children B# page item 66 47 Plagge News article HJ Plagge Jr. trains 66 48 Plagge news article Plagge-Fritsch wedding B# page item 66 49 Plagge Landesbergen parrish 1963 B# page item 66 51 Plagge Letter from Barb and Herb B# page item 69 8 Murray, Herb Plagge, Fred, Maude, Nettie B# page item 69 1 Plagge news clipping - obituary HJ 69 6-7 Plagge, Herb 69 3 Plagge, Herb, Barbarra, Selma, Herb, Doris binder # Who Description Notes 47 Plagge, Fritsch History of DearField IL - 1928 Baptism book Baby's Childhood Days - a Biography pic. 12 days old Christmas (1919) was spent in St. Louis with the Carsons, had a Negro mommy to take care of him. Home on New Year's Day. Celebrated on Sunday before Christmas, when Herbert came downstairs was amazed when saw lighted tree. After the first surprise he waved his arms up in high glee. Soon learned to blow at candles. Henceforth blowing at all lights. Was wild when tree was lit. Lock of baby hair. On Feb 15, 1920 Herbert Jr. took the sink cloth, walked to the cupboard, took a pan and began wiping the pan to help mother. First folded hands at grace evening of Feb. 6, 1920 First long trip to Cedar Rapids July 29, 1919. Next day to Palatine, Illinois. Baby withstood trip fine. Slept in lower sleeper with mother, while father had the upper. Back from Palatine to Ames in parlor car early in September 5th. Also baby writing and sayings in book Pilot Flight Book Marriage book Certificate of marriage to Barbara