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Anna Marie Van NestAge: 88 years18381927

Anna Marie Van Nest
Birth December 18, 1838
MarriageJohn Aaron CoddingtonView this family
April 2, 1859 (Age 20 years)
Marriage statusJohn Aaron CoddingtonView this family

Death of a husbandJohn Aaron Coddington
May 15, 1905 (Age 66 years)
Death March 27, 1927 (Age 88 years)
Family with John Aaron Coddington - View this family
John Aaron Coddington
Birth: January 1838 42 24Piscataway, Middlesex, New Jersey
Death: May 15, 1905Bath, Mason, Illinois
Anna Marie Van Nest
Birth: December 18, 1838Bernards, Somerset, New Jersey
Death: March 27, 1927Kilbourne, Mason, Illinois
Marriage: April 2, 1859Piscataway, Middlesex, New Jersey