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Alvin PahlkeAge: 77 years18881965

Alvin Pahlke
Birth January 1, 1888 31 28
Death of a motherCaroline Gerber
January 6, 1891 (Age 3 years)
Marriage of a parentGustav August PahlkeJohanna S. H. WilmeirView this family
February 21, 1891 (Age 3 years)
Birth of a half-brotherArthur A Pahlke
December 8, 1891 (Age 3 years)
Publication: World War I Selective Service System Draft RegistrationCards, 1917-18 [database online] Provo, UT: Ancestr
Note: Name: Arther Pahlke
Birth of a half-brotherWilliam Pahlke
October 8, 1894 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a half-sisterPahlke
May 9, 1896 (Age 8 years)
Birth of a half-sisterAnna Pahlke
April 30, 1898 (Age 10 years)
Death of a half-sisterPahlke
about 1898 (Age 10 years)
Death of a fatherGustav August Pahlke
April 7, 1930 (Age 42 years)
Death of a half-brotherArthur A Pahlke
November 28, 1942 (Age 54 years)
Death March 1965 (Age 77 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 1885Barrington, Cook, Illinois
3 years
Alvin Pahlke
Birth: January 1, 1888 31 28Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Death: March 1965Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Father’s family with Johanna S. H. Wilmeir - View this family
Marriage: February 21, 1891Barrington, Cook, Illinois
10 months
Arthur A Pahlke
Birth: December 8, 1891 35 27Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Death: November 28, 1942Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
3 years
William Pahlke
Birth: October 8, 1894 37 30Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Death: July 1986Fox River Grove, McHenry, Illinois
19 months
Birth: May 9, 1896 39 32Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Death: about 1898Barrington, Cook, Illinois
2 years
Anna Pahlke
Birth: April 30, 1898 41 34Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Death: October 1987Barrington, Cook, Illinois

At the time of his marriage to Caroline, Alvin was employed at the Bowman Dairy Company. They were married in the parsonage of St Paul's church. In the June 7, 1917 issue of the Review, Alvin was listed as one of the Barrington residents who had recently registered to vote.