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Johanna S. H. WilmeirAge: 79 years18641944

Johanna S. H. Wilmeir
Birth April 15, 1864
MarriageGustav August PahlkeView this family
February 21, 1891 (Age 26 years)
Marriage statusGustav August PahlkeView this family

Birth of a son
Arthur A Pahlke
December 8, 1891 (Age 27 years)
Publication: World War I Selective Service System Draft RegistrationCards, 1917-18 [database online] Provo, UT: Ancestr
Note: Name: Arther Pahlke
Birth of a son
William Pahlke
October 8, 1894 (Age 30 years)
Birth of a daughter
May 9, 1896 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a daughter
Anna Pahlke
April 30, 1898 (Age 34 years)
Death of a daughterPahlke
about 1898 (Age 33 years)
Death of a husbandGustav August Pahlke
April 7, 1930 (Age 65 years)
Death of a sonArthur A Pahlke
November 28, 1942 (Age 78 years)
Death March 31, 1944 (Age 79 years)
Family with Gustav August Pahlke - View this family
Marriage: February 21, 1891Barrington, Cook, Illinois
10 months
Arthur A Pahlke
Birth: December 8, 1891 35 27Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Death: November 28, 1942Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
3 years
William Pahlke
Birth: October 8, 1894 37 30Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Death: July 1986Fox River Grove, McHenry, Illinois
19 months
Birth: May 9, 1896 39 32Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Death: about 1898Barrington, Cook, Illinois
2 years
Anna Pahlke
Birth: April 30, 1898 41 34Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Death: October 1987Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Gustav August Pahlke + Caroline Gerber - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: 1885Barrington, Cook, Illinois
3 years
Alvin Pahlke
Birth: January 1, 1888 31 28Barrington, Cook, Illinois
Death: March 1965Barrington, Cook, Illinois

sister to Gussie died as the result of a car accident ohanna's family posted a 'Card of Thanks' in the Barrington Courier for all the floral offerings, cards and expressions of sympathy and assistance. Rev. George P. Ellerbrake officiated at the ceremony at St. Paul's church, she was buried in the Evergreen cemetery.