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Johann Gerhardt Listhartke1839

Johann Gerhardt Listhartke
Birth April 10, 1839 42 27
Birth of a brotherJohann Heinrich “John Henry” Listhartke
December 10, 1842 (Age 3 years)
Note: Ela, Lake, Illinois; Roll: T623 314; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 133. Immigration date listed 1868 from Germany
Listhartke; Male; Birth: DEC 1842 Germany,Schale Bei, Tecklenburg, Westfalen, Preussen; Father: Gerd Lambert Heinrich Listhartke; Mother: Maria Adelheid Bertling
Note: Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church.
Birth of a sisterLisette Listhartke
May 1845 (Age 6 years)
Marriage of a half-siblingJohann “John” Gerhard Heinrich LandwerFenne Aleid ListhartkeView this family
1846 (Age 6 years)
Marriage of a half-siblingLambert F. ListhartkeWilhelmina Mena MuellerView this family
before 1847 (Age 7 years)

Birth of a brotherLewis Frederick Listhartke
June 11, 1850 (Age 11 years)
Birth of a sisterWilhelmina Adeline “Minnie” Listhartke
February 22, 1854 (Age 14 years)
Birth of a sisterReka Listhartke
January 31, 1856 (Age 16 years)
Marriage of a siblingCarl Johann HagenLisette ListhartkeView this family
November 28, 1865 (Age 26 years)
Marriage of a siblingJohann Heinrich Wilhelm “J. Henry” TascheWilhelmina Adeline “Minnie” ListhartkeView this family
March 21, 1873 (Age 33 years)
Marriage of a siblingLewis Frederick ListhartkeMinnie Adelaide ElfrinkView this family
January 19, 1876 (Age 36 years)
Death of a fatherGerd Lambert Heinrich Listhartke
December 15, 1878 (Age 39 years)
Marriage of a siblingJohn Henry MeinersReka ListhartkeView this family
November 9, 1880 (Age 41 years)
Death of a half-sisterMargaretha Aleid Listhartke
July 2, 1896 (Age 57 years)
Death of a half-brotherLambert F. Listhartke
March 2, 1897 (Age 57 years)
Death of a half-sisterFenne Aleid Listhartke
May 23, 1897 (Age 58 years)
Death of a motherMaria Adelheid Bertling
October 7, 1901 (Age 62 years)
Death of a brotherJohann Heinrich “John Henry” Listhartke
June 22, 1926 (Age 87 years)
Death of a brotherLewis Frederick Listhartke
May 13, 1931 (Age 92 years)
Death of a sisterWilhelmina Adeline “Minnie” Listhartke
October 21, 1932 (Age 93 years)
Death of a sisterReka Listhartke
November 14, 1933 (Age 94 years)
Death of a sisterLisette Listhartke
November 9, 1936 (Age 97 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: July 27, 1838Tecklenburg, Kr. Tecklenburg, Westfalen, Germany
8 months
Johann Gerhardt Listhartke
Birth: April 10, 1839 42 27Schale, Kr. Tecklenburg, Westfalen, Germany
Death: Illinois
4 years
younger brother
Johann Heinrich “John Henry” Listhartke
Birth: December 10, 1842 46 31Schale, Bei Tecklenburg, Westfalen, Germany
Death: June 22, 1926Barrington, Cook, Illinois
3 years
younger sister
5 years
younger brother
4 years
younger sister
23 months
younger sister
Father’s family with Fenne Aleid List - View this family
Marriage: January 12, 1815Schale, Kr. Tecklenburg, Westfalen, Germany
1 year
18 months

fought in the civil war