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Reinhard SteinmannAge: 57 years18961953

Reinhard Steinmann
Birth May 19, 1896 22 23
Marriage statusAnna BartellView this family

Death of a motherLouise Wilhelmina Krumwiede
April 6, 1898 (Age 22 months)
Marriage of a parentEdward F SteinmannEmma HilgendorfView this family
October 17, 1900 (Age 4 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherHeinrich Gottlieb “August” Krumwiede
February 13, 1913 (Age 16 years)
MarriageAnna BartellView this family
December 15, 1917 (Age 21 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherLouise Sophia Marie Dorothea STERNBERG
December 16, 1922 (Age 26 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherSophia Louisa Hachmeister
March 7, 1923 (Age 26 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherFriedrich Steinmann
November 8, 1924 (Age 28 years)
Death of a fatherEdward F Steinmann
April 18, 1947 (Age 50 years)
Death of a brotherAlwin Frederick Steinmann
May 6, 1949 (Age 52 years)
Death June 2, 1953 (Age 57 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: June 3, 1892Buckley, Illinois
3 months
elder brother
Alwin Frederick Steinmann
Birth: September 6, 1892 19 19Buckley, Iroquois, Illinois
Death: May 6, 1949Buckley, Iroquois, Illinois
2 years
elder brother
Richard Heinrich Steinmann
Birth: January 10, 1895 21 22Buckley, Iroquois, Illinois
Death: February 12, 1895Buckley, Iroquois, Illinois
16 months
Reinhard Steinmann
Birth: May 19, 1896 22 23Buckley, Iroquois, Illinois
Death: June 2, 1953Dowagiac, Cass, Michigan
Father’s family with Emma Hilgendorf - View this family
Marriage: October 17, 1900Buckley, Iroquois, Illinois
Father’s family with an unknown individual - View this family
Family with Anna Bartell - View this family
Reinhard Steinmann
Birth: May 19, 1896 22 23Buckley, Iroquois, Illinois
Death: June 2, 1953Dowagiac, Cass, Michigan
Marriage: December 15, 1917Buckley, Iroquois, Illinois

August (Heinrich Gottlieb "August") KRUMWIEDE was born on 12 Sep 1834 in Wenden, Hanover, Germany. ?The transcription of the baptismal record from the church shows a 10-day discrepancy from the date always understood to be his birthday, giving it as 2 Sept. rather than 12 Sept. That is not really a big problem. The books are old, and the person transcribing the information said that they are difficult to read both from age and the fact that they are in old German script (even the helper at the archive said she could not read old German script very well). I've come across instances even in the St. John's Cemetery where a date of birth is given as 4 with a syllable after it indicating to add "th" after the numeral. Chances are this might be the case with the baptismal record as well. Unfortunately, the record does not give a place of birth for "August," but Wenden is part of the same triangular area that contains all of the other places given in our family papers. ??In addition, the 1900 Census shows a year of birth of 1833 but an age of 66. I cannot tell the enumeration date from the copy of the Census that I have, but that would have a bearing on the age he was at enumeration and the date may have been an extrapolation by the enumerator. The church records take precedence when it comes to year of birth. He immigrated in 1857/58 at New York. It is a possibility -- only a possibility -- that the following listing in Germans to America, v. 12, p. 266 is the record of August's landing at New York: ?Ship: Union ?From: Bremen ?To: New York ?Arrived: 15 Sept 1858 ?KRUMWIEHL, Heinrich ?Age 23, Gender unknown, Farmer, GR000, bound for Chicago. He died on 13 Feb 1913 in Buckley, Iroquois County, Illinois. He was buried about 16 Feb 1913 in St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Buckley, Illinois.16 <sources.htm> Section A, Row 22, Plot 22 August (Heinrich Gottlieb "August") KRUMWIEDE and Louise Sophia Marie Dorothea STERNBERG were married on 2 Jul 1859 in DuPage County, Illinois. ??From Cheryl Hemingway <> 31 Oct 1996: "Your source is correct. I checked the IL Archive Marriage Index and it does indeed show a marriage for August Krumwiede and Louise Sternberg, 2 July 1859...DuPage (County)." ??Interestingly, the 1900 Census shows a date of marriage of 6 July 1840. Now that simply CANNOT be true since August would have been only 6 years old in 1840. Sounds like an enumerator translation problem. They also could not have been married 40 years in 1900 since their date of marriage is well documented by the State of Illinois. ??Observations: ?Herr Gross says in the written family history he published in 1941, "August Krumwiede came to this country about 1857, joining relatives and friends at Summit, Illinois. If correctly informed, his bride to be, Miss Souise Sophia Dorothea Sternberg, had already crossed the Atlantic and waited for the arrival of her loved one" ??One of Herr Gross' observations or the information he was given (of which he clearly is not sure) has to be incorrect. If August arrived in 1857, then he arrived before his bride-to-be. Though we cannot find August's immigration, we do have Louise's, and she arrived only a few months before the wedding. But August must have already been in Summit. ??Alwin and Reinhard Steinmann are shown living in this household in the 1900 Census. Their mother, Loise Wilhelmina Krumwiede Steinmann, died in 1898. <sternberglouise1918.jpg> <sternberglouise1918.jpg>Louise Sophia Marie Dorothea STERNBERG (daughter of Juergen Heinrich STERNBERG and Dorothee "Louise" SCHNEEWEISS) was born on 24 Nov 1840 in Saxony, Germany. She immigrated on 14 Sep 1858 at New York, New York.25 <sources.htm> ?Ship: Nord Amerika ?From: Bremen ?To: New York ?Arrived: 14 September, 1858 ??STERNBERG, Juergen, age 51, male, farmer, from Germany to USA ?Louise, age 53, female, wife ?Maria, age 28, female, daughter ?* Louise, age 17, female, daughter ?She was in the news in 1922.26 <sources.htm> ??10 Nov 1922-Grandma Krumwiede seems to be losing strength and hope. At times she suffers considerable pain. A tumor in the liver is causing her all this trouble. At her advanced age, surgical interference likely would be of no avail. The best of attention and care is being given her, and she truly deserves it. Friends and relatives are hoping that her life may be retained. ??She died on 16 Dec 1922. She died of cancer of the liver.. She was buried about 18 Dec 1922 in St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Buckley, Illinois.16 <sources.htm> Section A, Row 22, Plot 22 August (Heinrich Gottlieb "August") KRUMWIEDE and Louise Sophia Marie Dorothea STERNBERG had the following children: was born on 19 May 1896 in Buckley, Iroquois County, Illinois.47 <sources.htm> He died on 2 Jun 1953 in Dowagiac, Michigan.304 <sources.htm> ??Former Buckley Resident Dies in Michigan ?Reinhardt Steinman, 57, former resident of Buckley, died on Tuesday, June 2 in a hospital in Dowagiac, Mich. He had suffered a stroke last fall and had been in failing health since. Funeral services will be held in Dowagiac on Friday, with burial there. ?Born in Buckley, May 19, 1896, he was the son of Ed and Louisa Krumwiede Steinman. He was confirmed in St. John's Lutheran Church in Buckley. His marriage was to Anna Bartell in Buckley on December 22, 1917 [marriage record says 11 Dec 1917]. The couple moved to Michigan in 1920, where he was employed in factories. He was a veteran of World War II, serving overseas. ?Surviving are the widow; three daughters, Mrs. Jim Lieber and Mrs. Larry Stoops, both of Dowagiac, and Mrs. David Thornton of South Bend, Ind.; a sister, Mrs. Barney Bartell of South Bend [this identification of Edna Steinmann Bartell as Reinhard's sister is suspect, though it is true that Ed Steinmann raised her there is no evidence so far that she is his daughter]; and four grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents and a brother, Alvin Steinman. Reinhard STEINMANN and Anna BARTELL were married on 15 Dec 1917.47 <sources.htm>,282 <sources.htm> The church record reads:"15 Dec: Reinhard Steinmann to Anna Bartell. Witnesses: Ossie Sinns and Bertha Sinns." County marriage record #13399. "Reinhard Steinmann to Anna Bartell b. 5 May 1900 in Flatville, daughter of Alma Bartell." Note: she is described as the daughter of Alma Bartell, not of Alma and John Bartell. We had shown a date of 11 Dec. in our records, but the church record is very clear. Anna BARTELL (daughter of John BARTELL and Alma WEERTS) was born on 5 May 1900 in Flatville, Champaign County, Illinois.305 <sources.htm> She died before 2000. Assumed. Reinhard STEINMANN and Anna BARTELL had the following children: