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Xine zu Hoene1685

Xine zu Hoene
Birth about 1685
Citation details: Disc#26 Pin#179433
Marriage statusHermann EilermannView this family

Birth of a daughter
Anneke Eilermann

Citation details: Disc#26 Pin#179421
Marriage of a childHenrick TwelbeckeAnneke EilermannView this family
November 14, 1689 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a grandson
Johann Twelbecke
about 1690 (Age 5 years)
Citation details: Disc#26 Pin#179418
Marriage of a grandchildJohann TwelbeckeAnna zu RoeView this family
October 18, 1714 (Age 29 years)
Death of a daughterAnneke Eilermann
November 23, 1724 (Age 39 years)
Death of a grandsonJohann Twelbecke
February 21, 1736 (Age 51 years)
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Citation details: Disc#26 Pin#179433