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Mary Louise DahlAge: 75 years19231998

Mary Louise Dahl
Birth January 11, 1923
Death October 1998 (Age 75 years)

Although outwardly noticed for her beauty (Bomb Beauty 1948), Mary Lou's beauty from her heart is the blessing she passes on. Whether as a home-maker (never a housewife), a mother, a wife, a "people person" or home ec. teacher, love comes through and she'll credit that to the love of Jesus Christ has shown to her. Mary Lou was raised in Ames in a family that valued the education of women--"Educate a woman and you educate the next generation." During those first 50 years in Ames, she mothered three girls, now all graduates of ISU ('74, '77, '87), she taught Home Ec. in McCallsburg before marriage and at Ames Jr. High after her first daughter went to college. She was active in Bethesda Lutheran Church, with her Gamma Phi Beta sisters and relaxed with the Homewood Ladies. She married two ISU grads, E. Roger (Mike) Fritsch '48, until his death in 1977 and then she married John W. Wheeler '48 and moved to Marshalltown where she continues to make friends, no matter what their age. Her blessing continues to be passed on to the next generation, as she treats each of her grandsons like a prince, with simple pleasures as tea parties to vacations with each one. 4/16/94 Karine Mott Kristi Spoth Karla Fritsch Mary Lou (Dahl) Wheeler (AHS 1944) Mary Lou Dahl Fritsch-Wheeler