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Edward George JacobsonAge: 78 years19011979

Edward George Jacobson
Birth February 22, 1901 26 24
Citation details: p76
Death November 28, 1979 (Age 78 years)
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Marriage: August 28, 1896Of, Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire, England
5 years
Edward George Jacobson
Birth: February 22, 1901 26 24Bulawayo, South Africa
Death: November 28, 1979Long Beach, Los Angeles, California

BirthUnder our Family Tree 1782-1982
Citation details: p76
his mother returned with him to England in 1905 and then came to the United States with him when he was 8 years old. Edward's father was killed in the Boar War in Africa. p 76 California Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram 9 Jun 1974 - Survivor of 4 wars and 1 college. He hung up his white hat and put on a mortar board