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Ezra HolmesAge: 48 years18151863

Ezra Holmes
Birth July 18, 1815
MarriageElizabeth Emily BeardsleyView this family
February 2, 1837 (Age 21 years)
Marriage statusElizabeth Emily BeardsleyView this family

Birth of a daughter
Emily Elizabeth Holmes
November 19, 1840 (Age 25 years)
Death of a wifeElizabeth Emily Beardsley
January 10, 1841 (Age 25 years)
Death December 13, 1863 (Age 48 years)
Family with Elizabeth Emily Beardsley - View this family
Elizabeth Emily Beardsley
Birth: November 17, 1816 24 19Volney, Oswego, New York
Death: January 10, 1841Mohawk Village, Herkimer, New York
Marriage: February 2, 1837New York
4 years

Cause of death: Acute pneumonia or lung fever. Stated in a letter from his wife, Lucinda, to her sister-in-law, Sarah Holmes. ??"Died in this city, Dec. 13th, E. Holmes, aged about 50 years. His body will be forwarded today to his family at Mormon Island, California." (Information from "The Virginia City Evening Bulletin" - December 14, 1863 - provided by the Nevada State Library and Archives) Letter written by Ezra's wife, Lucinda, from Home Valley Rancy on?December 23, 1863:??Dear Parents, Brothers and Sisters,??It is with a sad heart that I attempt to write to you and I scarce know in what language to express the desolation and sorrow that has come upon us. I can only say that he, who we all so loved, to whom we looked as our stay and guide through life is taken from us. Our beloved Ezra, is no more. He was called away so suddenly, so?unexpectedly that we are stunned by the blow and can hardly realize?that it is so. He had been keeping a fruit store in Virginia City, Nevada Territory for some time past and since August I had not seen him, though Henry had been with him much of the time and Emily's husband also. His letters had been frequent and so hopeful, so glad of his recovered health and sanguine of make money, that we were?entirely unprepared for the blow which awaited us. I received a letter on the 10th written the 6th and 7th in which he said he had not been well for five years. He spoke cheeringly of his business, said he was working hard, but should send for Henry soon to tend the store and he would come home and have a good rest. On the morning of the 14th at 7 o'clock I got a telegraph dispatch saying come quickly, your husband is very sick. It was then too late for that morning's stage at nine o'clock. When the mail came in I got a letter written the 10th saying he was ill, but not dangerously so. While I was dressing at 11 o'clock the same day to start to go to him, a second dispatch?came to tell us he was gone and that his partner was staring home with his remains. It were vain to tell of our anguish. Your own hearts will echo what we felt. Then came a long sad time of agonizing suspense. All the week we knew that he who never came to us but in love and kindness was approaching cold and silent in his coffin and we?could not know when he would arrive. They got over on Saturday night the 20th and then they would not permit us to see him even once more.?On Sunday we proceeded by railroad to Sacramento. The funeral was from the First Baptist Church, the sermon by the Rev. Mr. Charlton from the 39th and 40th Chapters of Job. He was buried in our own private lot in the City Cemetery beside our dear little ones who had gone before. At first I felt that a stranger in a strange land. I knew not where to look for help, but God in his infinite mercy raised us up friends in this time of our greatest need. When the news reached Sacramento, the deacons of the church assumed all the arrangements, telegraphing to us to give ourselves no care and when we arrived we found everything ready for our reception. Everybody has been kind, that even in our great sorrow we cannot but be grateful.?Again they tell me he was surrounded by kind and Christian friends and that his last moments were happy and triumphant in the hope of blessed immorality. He was conscious to the last, arranged his business calmly and sang praises to God even in his last hours. How his business is left, I do not yet know, but a letter from the?Administrator on the other side is hopeful. I do not feel able towrite more now but will write again as soon as we are more composed.?Do not forget us. Let us hear from you often. The children send love.??Yours Sorrowing, Lucinda Holmes